Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cleveland's ice storm 2011

Please excuse the really long post. I love so many of these images and wanted to share all of them.

Last week in Cleveland, we had three days in a row over 50 degrees, and we almost hit 60 on one of them. The next day it went back down into the 20s or 30, and began to snow again. That much was expected. An ice storm and power outage the following day, however, were not expected. They certainly weren't welcome, either, especially with a sick husband and a sick toddler (which basically means two big babies to be taken care of). The storm was Sunday night/Monday morning, and I got out and shot these on Tuesday. The sun was out that day, so the ice glistened beautifully, but also started melting. It also snowed again on Monday night, so there is snow sitting on top of the ice, which was also very pretty.

No, I never finished pruning in the Fall.

I couldn't decide if I liked this next image better in color (albeit sparse) or black and white.

A little sun flare love:

More pruning that didn't happen. Here are my hydrangeas.


Krystal Rose Webb said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love that the droplets of water froze at the end of the pine needles.

Julie said...

Ice storms can be treacherous, yet so beautiful. You captured it beautifully!

ItsAllAboutTheRamen said...

How beautiful!!! i wish i lived around snow to take some pretty frost pictures!

Jillian said...

Ooh, pretty!