Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Alden

Alden was my second newborn photographed. I think newborns are even more challenging than toddlers, believe it or not. Getting their attention or making them giggle aren't really options. Getting pooped on is an option. I "chose" that one about 5 minutes after meeting Miss Alden. Luckily, she only lives across the street from me, so I was able to run home an change

On one hand, I don't want to feel like I'm giving up because it's too hard or any similar excuse, but I'm not sure I'm at a level to do newborns yet. For one thing, you have to shoot them indoors. My abilities and experience with indoor shooting -- even with good natural light from windows -- is limited. Very limited. For another thing, each one is so different, and it's tough to get them asleep (surprisingly), or to get them to do what you want for photos. I think it's just a completely different dynamic that photographing anyone over six months old.

So overall, I'm not satisfied with my work from this shoot. Alden is a beautiful baby, just like her mama and her sister, but I'm not satisfied with my own results.

This kind-of sums up most of our time together.

Silly girl.

I think she may have a future as a flamenco dancer.

I love this face. It makes me laugh to look at this photo.

Poor Alden's skin was so dry. I loved the flakiness on her feet.

There's one more photo that I've been trying to add all day long, but Blogger keeps rotating it, and it's making me mad. If I can upload it correctly later, I will.


Kellie said...

I can't even imagine trying to photograph a newborn. I think the toes picture is my favorite.

Jenika said...

Newborns are SO much harder than people imagine. I definitely agree! It looks like you have some good ideas though. :-D

The main things that have helped me are 1) shooting them before 10 days old, 2) converting images to black and white (since their skin color is very hard to get right to make it look good). I've yet to have a baby really fall asleep for me though - isn't that funny?

Hilary said...

I think these are a good start. I'd increase your brightness, as some seem kinda dark.
Also, you have to take a TON so you don't get their weird faces in all of them.
I have some tips on my photography blog (that's not viewable from my profile, because I don't update it anymore) --

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Isn't that what photoshop is for? LOL. I think they look great!