Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lily is a funny girl. She would pose for me, but half the time she didn't even stay posed long enough for me to get the camera back up to my eye before she was moving around again. We kept having to tell her to pull the skirt of her dress back down, because she kept pulling it up around the tops of her legs. We played the "don't smile!" game because her smiles were pretty goofy looking otherwise, but still quite cute.

Lily was fully aware -- and terrified -- of the ant coming toward her, but wouldn't move out of its path.

I think she's got a little Old Hollywood in her here:

These are some of her smiles when we told her to smile, before her mom and I started with "don't smile!"

I think this one is my favorite of Lily.


Meg B. said...

Very cute! She looks like a young Alice in Wonderland.

Kellie said...

I love that next to last one in b+w. She's pretty photogenic with that gorgeous hair.