Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Huxel Family

We drove out to Kirtland to take some pictures yesterday. Even though it was cold, there was no snow or rain, so we were able to shoot outdoors, and then run inside when we needed to warm back up. Here are some favorites:

A little boy time:

This might be my favorite from this session:

Daddy-daughter time:
This little boy is just so sweet. He's always such a happy kid:

I love this picture of motherhood:

Unfortunately, it's difficult to get a 19 month old to do what you want:


Bobbi said...

So Cute!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

hey girly - I had no idea you were off photographing like this! great job - I LOVE the second one - in B/W up at the side of the house! Great job!

You should go out and get some pics of Erin doing one of her gigs! k